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Are you among them? Let us solve your IT challenges around the world. We customize a broad technology portfolio into one solution for better business results. Entrance facilities to a collocation node can be CLEC-owned fiber facilities or leased transport from Verizon or a third party. Microwave collocation entrance facility arrangements are also available. In addition to traditionally accepted transmission equipment, Verizon will allow the installation of equipment that is necessary for either interconnection or for access to unbundled network elements in accordance with the following standards:.

Multi-functional equipment shall be deemed necessary for interconnection or access to an unbundled network element if and only if Varizen feet 1 Grad primary purpose and function of the equipment, as the CLEC seeks to deploy it, meets either or both of the standards set forth in the preceding paragraph, Varizen feet 1 Grad. For a piece of equipment to be utilized primarily to obtain equal in quality interconnection or nondiscriminatory access to one or more unbundled network elements, there must be logical nexus between the additional functions the equipment would perform and the telecommunication services the CLEC seeks to provide to its customers by means of the interconnection or unbundled network element.

The collocation of those functions of the equipment that, as stand-alone functions, do not meet either of the standards set forth in the preceding paragraph must not cause the equipment to significantly increase the burden on Verizon's property.

Verizon will not allow the collocation of equipment that is designed exclusively for switching or enhanced services and that is not necessary for interconnection or access to UNEs.

Once a piece of transmission equipment and associated components Varizen feet 1 Grad met NEBS requirements and Varizen feet 1 Grad documentation has been provided to Verizon, it may be deployed in any Verizon central office. It should be noted that any new components added to a piece of transmission equipment not previously certified as NEBS compliant require the checklist documentation and any appropriate vendor documentation demonstrating that the component is NEBS compliant.

Physical collocation supports interconnection to voice grade, digital and optical transmission rates. Verizon provides space in its central offices to the CLEC and provides interconnection and access to the embedded Verizon network under FCC and various state tariffs. Physical collocation is based Varizen feet 1 Grad current tariff offerings and is subject to change based on, among other things, modifications to these tariffs. To the extent that there is a conflict or inconsistency between the description and such tariffs, the terms set forth in the tariff shall prevail.

Accordingly, it is the sole responsibility of the CLEC to obtain the required licenses and permits. It addresses fiber optic cable requirements, as well as the methods and procedures for accessing the central office manhole, placing the fiber cable, accounting for time and materials, and keeping records. Additional outside plant requirements, Varizen feet 1 Grad, such as rooftop occupancy for microwave and right of way issues specific to CLEC requirements may fall outside of the scope of a collocation arrangement provided by Verizon.

Specific requirements regarding individual states and local ordinances will be discussed in detail during the actual collocation implementation. This document describes the Varizen feet 1 Grad Laserbehandlung von Varizen cues and characteristics required of optical fiber cables containing optical fibers used in outside plant.

The fibers need to be single mode. The fiber optic units need to be of loose tube 12 fibers or ribbon 12 fibers design. Unless otherwise agreed, to satisfy specific applications, the outer cable jacket shall consist of a polyethylene resin, carbon black, Varizen feet 1 Grad, and suitable antioxidant system.

Silica fibers shall be fusible with a commercially available fusion splice s that is commonly used for this operation. At the request of the CLEC, if there are at least two entry points for Verizon Krampfadern Behandlungsverfahren which have space available, Verizon provides access through two entrances.

The CLEC is responsible for delivering the fiber cable to the serving central office manhole. The CLEC will be permitted to access the designated central Varizen feet 1 Grad manhole in several methods. Varizen feet 1 Grad options available to the CLEC may be governed by jurisdiction and by local practices and may include the following: Physical collocation cables will require a conduit license for occupying the central office manhole from the field sidewall to the central office wall.

This is contingent on the availability of right of way. If accessing the central office manhole from the Verizon conduit, the CLEC must follow established Varizen feet 1 Grad for licensing and use. The cable is then pulled to a transition splice point, where it is spliced to CLEC-provided fire retardant cable. This is the standard method for Verizon Varizen feet 1 Grad services for physical collocation in Verizon in New England. The CLEC places its cable into the "agreed to" manhole closest to the central office.

Enough cable is left at that Krampfadern Beine Videoübungen so the Verizon technician can pull it into the central office vault, Varizen feet 1 Grad.

The CLEC needs to provide a pulling eye on the end of the cable left in the central office manhole. Verizon in New England completes the cable splice in the central office vault. Verizon may require the CLEC to provide an approved fire retardant cable closure. Standard splicing procedures are followed. Fusion splicing is the preferred method for fiber optic cable, Varizen feet 1 Grad.

When Varizen feet 1 Grad splicing has been completed, an end-to-end test may be conducted by the CLEC. A bi-directional test should be performed at lc or lc on a single-mode fiber cable. Verizon requires an approved fire retardant riser cable. All splicing in a Verizon vault needs to be mechanical. An authorized Verizon representative accompanies the CLEC or approved agent completing the splicing when inside the vault or building.

An approved fire retardant splice closure needs to be used. All bonding and grounding procedures need to be followed. If the CLEC plans to fusion splice the transition point of the outside plant fiber to the building-rated fire retardant fiber, an alternate splice area may be required.

Verizon provides and owns the splice shelf. Verizon conducts a quality inspection when the work is completed. The CLEC is responsible for all installation within the dedicated space in all jurisdictions.

Attenuation, Varizen feet 1 Grad, if required, Varizen feet 1 Grad, is the responsibility of the CLEC. Verizon provides escorted access to central office space outside the dedicated space of the CLEC. In Verizon in New England and Verizon-South, Verizon is responsible for identifying the cable and splicing closure in the vault.

Cable inventory information is maintained in a cable restoration book in the Construction Control Center. If the removal jeopardizes existing service, Verizon may choose to have the cable left in place.

A fiber optic cable rack to the CEF, and cable ducts to the Varizen feet 1 Grad are also provided, Varizen feet 1 Grad. CLECs are not required to secure their equipment in a wire mesh enclosure cage. In those states where Verizon does not provide a caged enclosures, a collocator may, at its own expense, contract directly with a Verizon approved contractor for cage construction, providing it conforms with Verizon specifications and safety standards.

A list of approved master zone contractors will be made available upon request and pursuant to receipt of applications for physical collocation.

Verizon accepts requests from CLECs for physical collocation space on a first-come, first-serve basis pursuant to appropriate tariffs. Verizon offers a broad range of linear dimensions on physical collocation dedicated space. However, physical collocation space does not extend above the 8-foot plane of the collocation node height. Verizon offers the CLEC physical collocation of equipment for interconnection or for access to UNEs except when physical collocation is not practical for technical reasons or because of space limitations.

Common room construction charges for the central office common room containing physical collocation nodes may vary per tariff. Verizon-South In Verizon-South common room construction costs are no longer recovered under a pro rata methodology. For all applications submitted after May 19, Varizen feet 1 Grad,flat rate room construction costs are applied according to applicable tariffs. Verizon-North Flat rate room construction costs in Verizon-North are recovered according to applicable tariffs.

In New England flat rate room construction charges apply to arrangements built in already conditioned space. Special construction costs, when required, will be billed to the CLEC according to applicable tariffs. Applications for Verizon non-employee identification badges and the procedures for obtaining these are provided to the CLEC early in the collocation implementation process.

The CLEC accepts responsibility for the protection and proper use of the Verizon ID badge and assures that it will be used only by the badge holder and only for business purposes within the Verizon central office. Verizon ID badges are valid for one year from the date of issuance and is the responsibility of the CLEC to obtain new ID badges prior to the expiration date on the ID badge month and year.

Improper use of Verizon ID badges may result in termination of the contract or legal action. Where the CLEC shares a common entrance to the central office with Verizon, the reasonable use of shared building facilities e, Varizen feet 1 Grad.

Verizon makes reasonable efforts to provide access to shared building facilities; however, the location of physical collocation space is dependent on various qualifications that include space availability, proximity to distributing frames, power, and CEFs.

Access to such facilities may be restricted by security requirements, and a Verizon employee may be required to accompany the CLEC personnel. In certain central offices, CLEC personnel may be allowed access to shared building facilities only when an authorized Verizon employee is available to accompany the CLEC personnel, Varizen feet 1 Grad. Common rooms typically have easy access from the street and, if possible, access to rest rooms on the same floor.

Equipment layouts need to allow for the movement of material in and out of the common room and all collocation nodes.

The common room includes the construction of an enclosed area for all CLECs, as well as a secure entrance and pathway to the enclosed area. The degree of construction necessary is determined on a location-specific basis and is dependent on actual conditions present in each central office. The common room needs to have access to cable retikuläre Varizen Code in ICD 10 to the CEF, a power room, Varizen feet 1 Grad, digital system cross-connect frame DSX line-ups, and Verizon distributing frames.

Actual distance limitations associated with various cross-connects to Verizon distributing frames are considered during the actual site survey associated with the initial application for collocation in a Verizon central office. Where possible, existing toll type environments are used to create common rooms. All common room work is performed by Verizon or its designated contractors. Collocation Node The physical collocation arrangement entails CLEC owned or operated equipment being placed in a collocation node in a secure common Varizen feet 1 Grad of the Verizon central office.

The transition or demarcation point is electrical or optical and takes place on a POT Bay. Collocation nodes are generally constructed or expanded by Verizon using Verizon-approved design standards, material, and installation vendors. Collocation node additions or expansions can be contiguous, meaning direct expansion of an existing collocation node, Varizen feet 1 Grad, or non-contiguous, meaning a new collocation node that does not touch the existing collocation node.

Verizon permits the CLEC to directly contract with a Verizon-approved general contractor in areas where Verizon uses contractors to construct the wire mesh enclosure that surrounds the collocation node. The construction of the wire mesh enclosure by Verizon-approved contractors is limited to the wire mesh, the door and the lock. This construction is under the direct supervision of Verizon and needs to conform to Verizon engineering and design standards.

The CLEC is responsible for all costs associated with the collocation node when contracting directly with a Verizon-approved contractor, Varizen feet 1 Grad.

The CLEC needs to provide Verizon with a key to the collocation node, for emergency use prior to occupying the space. Verizon allows the CLEC to use a portion of the central office and loading area if available to store equipment on a temporary basis.

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