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The causes of osteoarthritis

Gonartroz Thrombophlebitis The causes of osteoarthritis | Osteoarthritis - when the joint loses its function [Deforming gonarthrosis (questions of pathogenesis)] Deformiruiushchiĭ gonartroz (nekotorye voprosy patogeneza) Citations Citations 1; References References 0;.

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Gonartroz — degenerate and dystrophic disease gonartroz Thrombophlebitis a knee joint. The second name — osteoarthrosis of a knee joint. The nature of a disease has not inflammatory character, often leads to an invalidization. Statistically one gonartroz Thrombophlebitis the leading places among all types of arthroses is allocated for it, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. Gonartroz is well-known to doctors more than years, in life him call "adjournment of salts".

Actually at arthrosis there is a gonartroz Thrombophlebitis adjournment of salts of calcium. However similar calcifications have limited character, no clinical, independent value have. Disease process arises after blood circulation pathology in small bone vessels then changes in a cartilaginous cover of a joint begin.

In initial stages of change occur at the molecular level in cartilaginous tissue, changes of a hyaline cartilage follow further: This process comes to an gonartroz Thrombophlebitis with a total disappearance of a cartilage, the bigger and smaller size, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, baring the subject bone.

In turn the bone gonartroz Thrombophlebitis to death of a cartilage consolidation, i. For these reasons this illness carries the name "deforming arthrosis". Exchange processes in cartilaginous gonartroz Thrombophlebitis are carried out at the expense of osmotic pressure.

When squeezing greasing is emitted, and when unloading is absorbed. So, at the movement food of a cartilage is constantly carried out. At the incomplete restoration dictated by the raised mechanical loadings, exchange processes are broken. In a place of gonartroz Thrombophlebitis greatest pressure, the cartilage starts becoming thinner. There is a violation of structure of collagenic fibers that leads to loss of depreciation properties, a hondromalyation a patella cartilage softeningviolation of metabolic function of hondrotsit, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

The cartilage loses stability, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, elasticity. There is a violation of congruence in a joint. Process is aggravated with the strengthened synthesis of bone substance which is shown in the form of osteofit bone growths.

The Sinovialny cover is exposed to irritation and in it the inflammation begins. It also leads to restriction of mobility of a joint.

Arthrosis of internal part of a knee joint and between a surface of a femur and a kneecap is more widespread. People of mature and advanced age, athletes are more subject to a disease. More often tennis players, football players, athletes, gymnasts are ill.

Danger of a gonartroz, as well as the majority of arthroses, consists in untimely diagnostics. At 1 stage gonartroz Thrombophlebitis disease almost does not prove in any way, except a small nagging pain which the patient writes off for fatigue. Usual symptom of a gonartroz is the feeling of constraint in a joint, "tightening" under a knee, a knee pain after long walking, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

Many patients gonartrozy arthrosis of a knee joint complain of difficulties in walking mainly in the mornings, after a dream or after long sitting. The person needs "to disperse", for this purpose that it became easier. With development of a gonartroz of pain in a knee, especially on its internal party, become more persistent and constant. Quite often sick with the gonartrozy feel a crunch at the movement of a knee joint. Further develops restrictions of bending and extension of a foot.

When progressing a gonartroz Thrombophlebitis lameness develops. In more started cases of people cannot move without the aid of strangers, a support or without crutches. Often in lying situation pain ceases, however happens, as at night the person suffers from pains.

At survey of a knee joint in an initial stage of a disease of external changes usually it is not found. With the course of a disease the deformation of a knee joint, contours of bones forming a joint rough is very noticeable, Kompressionskrampf Preis contracture incomplete bending or extensiona shin curvature is found.

Having put a palm on a forward surface of a knee, it is possible to feel at the sgibatelny or razgibatelny movement a crunch in a knee joint of various intensity and duration. The similar feeling gonartroz Thrombophlebitis be received if to shift a knaruzha patella in the cross direction a positive patello-kondilyarny symptom. At palpation of a joint of the patient gonartrozy the painful zone, usually from the inside of a Krampfadern wie der Betrieb verläuft, at the level of condyles of a hip, big berets and an articulate crack is found.

Often gonartroz Thrombophlebitis a cavity of a knee joint the exudate accumulates, i. The similar state is defined by a smoothness of contours of a knee joint because of a vybukhaniye, protrusion of fabrics over a patella and sideways from it and feeling of fluctuation at protrusion palpation by two hands.

In the course of progressing of a disease symptoms are shown more brightly, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis more expressed. Timely correct diagnostics plays an important role in Krampfadern an den Uterus Lippen fight with the gonartrozy.

At 1 degree gonartroz Thrombophlebitis a gonartroz there is a fatigue of an extremity, small gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. At the movement the small krepitation can be traced.

Sometimes there is hardly noticeable restriction of the movement in a joint. Knee bones at this stage are not exposed to considerable changes. In a x-ray picture it is possible to see insignificant narrowing of an articulate crack. The second degree is characterized by emergence of pain, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, especially after you long stand, or go. The characteristic crunch becomes more expressed. There are problems with extension and full bending of an extremity.

There is a so-called starting pain. The atrophy gonartroz Thrombophlebitis be observed by the four-head of gonartroz Thrombophlebitis muscle of a hip, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. The corner of full bending and extension of an extremity in a knee joint is considerably limited, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. In x-ray pictures considerable narrowing of an articulate crack, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, growth of osteofit clearly is visible.

Edges of bones "are flattened", gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. On 3 stages character of pain changes, it amplifies, can be shown at rest. In a joint often there is a puffiness, local temperature increase. Owing to possible existence in a joint of "an articulate mouse" splinters of the broken-away osteofitthere can be symptoms of blockade of a joint. They are shown by the sharp pain whi ch is followed by feeling of jamming. The patient can be in that case deprived of possibility of reduction of a joint in the movement.

There is a deformation of knee joints with change of an axis of extremities that is well visible in pictures. Instability of a joint can be shown. The primary gonartroz knee joint proceeds against comparative health, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. Generally people of advanced age, in particular women are ill.

In group of risk there are people with excessive body weight i. The secondary gonartroz knee joint develops in the main ambassador of the postponed injury of a knee joint or after the postponed diseases. In case of carrying out timely treatment of wirksames Mittel, Krampf Beinen above-mentioned diseases of development of a gonartroz it is possible to avoid.

This type of arthrosis is more inherent in athletes, people which professional activity is connected with excessive static and dynamic loads of the right foot. Also it is more peculiar to athletes, people of middle age with excess body weight. This look is the heaviest as considerably increases risks of an invalidization. To it people of advanced age, as the nature of a bilateral gonartroz in most cases are subject to a thicket idiopathic age.

On nature of emergence and the course of a disease all these types almost do not differ from each other. Bilateral gonartroz in the started form can proceed it is more expressed as both sore joints at the same time are exposed to axial loading. There are many methods of diagnostics, but their efficiency can be the greatest only at an integrated approach.

The main method of diagnostics is research of a sore joint radiological. In initial development of a gonartroz radiological research can show nothing and if shows, minor changes, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

On late terms of a disease narrowing of an articulate crack, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, a cartilage sclerosis, injury of a bone, and also adjournment of salts is found. Ultrasonic research of a sore joint yields the best results, however cannot replace completely radiological research, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

Therefore the people having an illness of joints surely have to pass radiological research of a sore joint. The most progressive method of diagnostics which allows to investigate layer-by-layer all details and tissues of a joint, to define the earliest change in cartilaginous tissue. Minus of a method consists in rather high cost of inspection of each segment.

Therefore often it appears that gonartroz at the patient, not the only disease of the musculoskeletal device. The technique of treatment of arthrosis of a knee joint differs from methods of treatment of arthrosis of gonartroz Thrombophlebitis joints a little, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

NPVS — gonartroz Thrombophlebitis resolvents which are appointed intramuscularly or intravenously. In the form of pricks or candles, medicines give both longer and strong effect. Here such preparations as diclofenac, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, olfen, diklak, an ibuprofen, indometacin, ketoprofen belong. They can be applied it is long, for several months.

It is to meloksika, tselekoksib, nimesulid. This group is applied to intra articulate injections in the presence of a sinovit. The application purpose — removal of Bewertung Salbe für Krampfadern inflammation and pain syndrome in the shortest terms. Minus applications — the damaging impact on cartilaginous tissue, a large number of contraindications and side effects.

The representatives of Krampfadern und Risse group who are most applied at a gonartroza: They neutralize synthesis of some enzymes and prevent a further degeneration of joints. The most known preparations: At a gonartroza they are entered vnutrisustavno.

Gonartroz Thrombophlebitis

Osteoarthritis - gonartroz Thrombophlebitis the joint loses its function The causes of osteoarthritis The causes of osteoarthritis The cause of arthritis is most often static at rest exercise. So, arthritis often suffer from people who are engaged in the business for a long time should stand on their feet, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, such as barbers, sellers.

Furthermore, in the formation of arthrosis are important small joint injuries arising pi fall, sharp movements, etc. Another cause of arthritis is that with age, the shell surrounding the joint synovium becomes thinner and less supplied with blood, and therefore is easier to any impacts. As a result of injury or age-related changes in the joint cell death occurs, on the surface of joint cartilage, the cartilage loses its elasticity, on its surface, small cracks are formed, the surface becomes uneven, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis the lubricity intraarticular synovial fluid is reduced.

All this causes pain, slow joint destruction, which then joins the inflammation of the lining of the joint. Any arthritis develops and proceeds very slowly and never leads to severe abnormalities in the joints. The exception is the hip joint, which has its anatomical features, due to which the joint begins very early restriction of mobility, which could even cause disability.

Sometimes, when significant changes in the joint according to X-ray examination pain and limitation of movement are small and, on the contrary, with small Matratze mit Krampfadern people may experience severe pain and limitation of movement. Symptoms consist of osteoarthritis pain, tightness, rapid fatigue, stiffness, and changes in the shape of the joint.

Gonartroz Thrombophlebitis there is movement in the joints characteristic crunch. The pain is usually dull, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, irregular, worse in cold and wet weather, after a long load eg in the evening and the initial movements after standstill 'starting pain ". Often, instead of aches and pains observed a feeling of heaviness in the bones and joints, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. True restriction of mobility in gonartroz Thrombophlebitis is rare.

Changing the shape of the joints is best visible in the joints of the fingers and knee joints - the joints is increased due to the proliferation of bone. But it is usually no swelling and inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues.

So, if the arthritis appeared after the injury, to eliminate its causes need orthopedic up to the surgery treatment. To restore joint function used different methods stimulate the growth of cartilage rumalon, intraarticular oxygen therapy - oxygen saturation of the tissue of the joint, and others. One of the main problems in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis - is the elimination of joint pain Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?

For this purpose, use a variety of painkillers medicines atsitilsalitsilovaya acid, analgin, phenylbutazone, etc. It is important to periodically once a day to provide peace of affected joints. With a very strong pain in the joint cavity entered glucocorticosteroid hormones that relieve inflammation and pain.

The effect of this treatment is good, but often it is short-lived. Surgical treatment of arthritis is carried gonartroz Thrombophlebitis when the exhausted all methods of conservative treatment. Conducting an operation to improve the blood supply to the joint, and the removal gonartroz Thrombophlebitis muscle tension in the joint or replacement of the affected joint with an artificial one, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

Gonartroz grade 3 - severe joint disease Transaction. Unfortunately, conservative treatment is not always possible to alleviate the symptoms gonartroza grade 3 and slow down its development. In cases where patients complain of severe pain constant, and when there is a risk of serious damage to the joints and as a consequence, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis assigned surgery. In some cases, it may be used minimally gonartroz Thrombophlebitis techniques such as arthroscopy and osteotomy.

Arthroscopy is done with the help of an endoscope variety - this tool allows you to perform operations through small incisions, which significantly reduces the risk of complications, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis accelerates the healing process.

The surgeon can remove the damaged cartilage tissue fragments and small pieces of bone collapsing, which can cause severe pain during movement. Most people tolerate well the operation and return to work if it is not associated with serious physical activity within a few days. Arthroscopy for a time relieves pain in gonarthrosis and allows you to defer a serious operation. However, any patient with grade 3 gonartrozom sooner or later may come a time when the only effective treatment would arthroplasty.

Before the surgery, the doctor should carefully examine the patient, in particular, to determine how damaged the knee joint, as well as to study its history - some chronic diseases may affect the efficacy of surgical treatment. Also, blood tests and urine tests, X-rays and, in some cases, magnetic resonance imaging MRI - it is used to assess the condition of the bones and soft tissue in the knee joint. In addition, the doctor explains in detail gonartroz Thrombophlebitis the patient what the upcoming surgery, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, any gonartroz Thrombophlebitis associated with it, and how it will take place post-operative recovery.

It is important that the patient gonartroz Thrombophlebitis been pre-realistic expectations about the surgery. However, the artificial joint can not replace the real, and many people have to give up certain activities - first of all it concerns physical labor and serious sport.

On the other hand, people who have undergone knee replacement may be without limitation to swim, drive a car, go for long walks, including cross-country, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, cycling, dancing, and so on. If the patient will avoid undue stress, the new joint will last him for many years. In most cases, knee replacement is performed under general anesthesia. The operation lasts from one to two hours. During this time, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, the surgeon removes the damaged knee joint or joints, and part of the bone and then inserted in place of the joint prosthesis is gonartroz Thrombophlebitis of metal and plastic.

Within a few days after surgery, the patient may experience mild or moderate pain, but in such cases, the physician usually beforehand prescribed analgesics. Talk with your doctor gonartroz Thrombophlebitis the pain medicine for you will be sufficiently effective, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. To prevent blood clots doctor may recommend a patient for a while after the surgery wearing compression stockings Trophischen Geschwüren der Großzehe stockings for health and beauty legs And to take blood thinning medication, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis.

The very next day after the knee replacement patients begin to undergo a course of physiotherapy, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis. Special exercises performed under the expert guidance, stimulate blood flow to the leg muscles, accelerate the recovery of damaged tissues and reduce the risk of forming blood clots. Patients should eat a balanced and take iron supplements to speed up the healing of tissue damaged as a result of surgery.

The patient should be several times a week to do exercises that showed him a physical therapist, and regularly go to the doctor for an examination. In addition, in the first months after surgery it is very important to take precautions to avoid falls and fractures - they can lead to the displacement of the artificial joint, which is why you may need another surgery.

A child under one year. Child from gonartroz Thrombophlebitis to 7. Osteoarthritis - when the joint loses its function - Causes of arthrosis September 3, Osteoarthritis - when the joint loses its function The causes of osteoarthritis. Gonartroz grade 3 - severe joint disease - Operation May 16, The mechanism of changes in joints with osteoarthritis As a result of injury or age-related changes in the joint cell death occurs, on the surface of joint cartilage, the cartilage loses its elasticity, on its surface, small cracks are formed, gonartroz Thrombophlebitis, the surface becomes uneven, with the lubricity intraarticular gonartroz Thrombophlebitis fluid is reduced.

How is osteoarthritis Any arthritis develops and proceeds very slowly and never leads to severe abnormalities Varizen Luule the joints.

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